FPV Drone Service

Our new FPV drone service can capture outdoor and indoor spaces for marketing needs. It can tell a story by capturing a single shot, leading your audience from room to room and experiencing all the amenities – all with context and continuity.

Its new service which is only available in virtual reality and is now widely used in recent Hollywood movies

FPV Drone video can be used in multiple purposes.

  • Independent Video clip

  • Part of video production

  • Brands or Events Promotion

  • Movie production

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The FPV drone is perfect for interior, exterior and commercial spaces. The FPV drone can go through between people and through small spaces such as plants, and doors. windows, etc.

CineWhoop FPV Drone

FPV Drone in Flight

With FPV drone you can show both exterior and interior locations in one shot.
FPV drone is safe to operate near people